Friday, 11 July 2014

Protect the Price on Carbon and the ETS

Dear Senator,

Thank you for your time.

We the Australian people have entrusted you to make the right decisions for our future.

Urgent action on solutions against the climate crisis are the most important thing for us to be doing now.

Please protect the existing carbon price and ETS legislation.
Please reject the legislation to repeal the existing carbon price and ETS.

The carbon price and ETS cannot function if the price per tonne is zero dollars. We need a price which starts in the same range as our international markets.

The impact of carbon price on electricity prices is negligible compared to huge increases in transmission costs and increases in coal power generation costs.

The price of renewables such as Wind and Solar continue to become cheaper and thus developed and developing countries around the world are moving rapidly to decarbonise and switch to renewables.

International analysis confirms that Australia does not have an economic crisis, but we do have a crisis of leadership that respects science.

The benefit of the carbon price and ETS is that it is working to reduce carbon emissions. We also need a consistent carbon policy to enable stability and growth for jobs and businesses in this sector and across all industries.

Again, thank you for your time. And please be clear, if you make the right decision to keep our working legislation, I personally will mobilise everyone I know to support you. But if you do not, I will equally mobilize to terminate your tenure.

And neither of us want that to happen.


Paul Boundy