Thursday, 3 November 2011

Irrigation System Is Go

Summer at ARCG can be quite hot and dry putting our plants under stress and so we have devised an improved drip irrigation system. The existing system depended on someone turning on the solar powered pump which would run for 20 minutes before the battery ran out.

Our vision is to make several improvements. We are only funded by membership fees and so we are making most changes using materials that have been donated to us over the last few years.
Firstly we will add a new tank at a higher location in the garden to use as a continous drip feed system. We will use our pump to transfer rainwater from the collection tank to the drip feed tank. We will increase the pumping time by adding an additional second hand battery. We will also be able to fill the tank with town water if or when needed.

We will salvage what we can from the existing and donated drip pipes to create a new system with a greater feed area. The Addison Road Centre is arranging to clean out the roof gutters as they are overflowing with leaves. The leaf guards don't work perfectly and we lose water over the gutter instead of into the tank. Hopefully they will also trim our over hanging tree.

Once this updated system is in place, I'd like to run and additional gutter pipe from a neighbouring hut to our collection tank as there is more rainwater that could be put use.

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