Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Strawbale Chookhouse Photo Story

Crossing the Hawkesbury River via the Webb Creek Ferry at the town of Wisemans Ferry.
I didn't know there are two ferries at Wisemans.

The slab with gravel and a bale. It's an Octogon so a chook can't get easily cornered by other chooks,
and as octogons look nice and provide us with a challenging learning experience to make bent walls.
Making a half bale from a whole bale.
The needles poking out of the bale are used to pull string back through the bale and tie it off.

The octagonal A-frame roof structure. One full A frame, and six half A frames to make an eight sided roof.
Four of these half A-frames needed pointed ends to fit tightly together.
The end of the first weekend. Here we have Frank Thomas, Richard, Salman, and Wolfgang.